How family court has become complicit in child trafficking


For all the talk about child trafficking the conspiracy group QAnon does, you would think they would do a little research and use their platform to actually help children. No, there are no . Democrats are not running child sex-trafficking cabals. There are, however, , away from protective and safe parents, to abusive ones — usually fathers — who are using the family court, criminal court, and the child welfare systems, as yet, another weapon to hurt their partner or former partner.

October is…

We still have a chance to survive if we do these things

Screen capture from CNN Live TV

It’s still Election night as I’m writing this post and I’m already feeling a deep sense of disappointment and existential dread. Results from the election are too close to call and we may not know until the end of the week what they are, but what I do know is that it shouldn’t have been this close — period.

Unprecedented early voting results signaled the likelihood that we would have historic, record-breaking numbers of voters engaged in civic participation. That’s positive; I’ll give you that. …

…and help transform your organizations, culture, and relationships


There’s a lot being written and said these days about the “Future of Work” — what the world will look like and require from us in order to adapt successfully as organizations, cultures, and people. In most of the scholarship emerging about this area, it is clear that we will all need to reconsider how we define success as a company, how we build and motivate teams, and how we stay connected, inspired, and open to inevitable change. COVID-19 and the past seven months has brought new relevance and urgency to this directive.

As a feminist consultant and founder, my…

To do so, we must first care about women


I’ve not been watching the confirmation hearings because I’ve had my share of it back in the 1990s when I was first exposed to the double excoriation of Anita Hill during the , where against her to secure the confirmation of an accused and

How Pence’s demeanor is the archetype of one type of abuser

Credit: Unknown

If you’ve been anxiously doom scrolling and following every twist and turn of events that may impact the results of our upcoming election, you probably convinced yourself you should watch last week’s Vice Presidential debate. Unlike the first Presidential debate which was wrought with more obvious blitz of syncopated jabs, pokes, and hurtles, from Trump to Biden — a demonstration of the ‘Pitbull’ archetype — in this debate, Mike Pence showed us the ‘Cobra,’ the other version in the typology.

In her book, , Australian journalist explains the work of Doctors…

And why I’ve watched this show so you don’t have to…

*Trigger warning for anyone with suicidal ideation.*

Recently, a publicist reached out to me to promote the film, “By Design: Secrets Can Kill,” newly released on Amazon Prime, allegedly exploring the theme of domestic abuse. As a survivor with a weekly podcast using gender as a lens to examine power and gender-based violence, I frequently receive these kinds of requests. I reluctantly agreed to check out the film, mostly because October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, hoping it would be something I could recommend.

Past experience with mainstream productions depicting such themes, including Big Little Lies, has been disappointing, and…

Why We Must Build an Accountability Culture

One hour before Tuesday’s Presidential Debate, my phone started pinging with texts in anticipation. It didn’t take long before these exchanges started making me feel anxious and agitated — the same feeling of dread that I get when I know I will be seeing my abuser — during one of his visits with our son or the night before we are due in court due to a sixteen year family court saga he has perpetuated. …

Or, how not to freak out about the next 37 days


We knew this was coming. Every time our breaking news alerts informed us that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg checked in or out of the hospital for her latest bout with cancer, our hearts stopped ever so slightly considering the possibility she was letting out her last gasp of breath. For many of us, Justice Ginsburg defiance of medical odds led us to embrace the illusion/delusion? that she was immortal and that it would be her choice when she decided to step down and retire. Well, we were wrong.


Help engender a more equitable, just, and sustainable world


Thank you for your interest in contributing to engendered.

This publication extends the work we do for survivors, advocates and pro-feminist allies to engage in knowledge-sharing and knowledge building. We hope to use this platform to uplift survivor voices and stories. By cultivating a gendered power lens, we hope to provide readers with a toolkit for interrogating power, privilege, and oppression, and for building a cultural literacy around abuse and abuse of power so that we can better identify it, confront it, prevent it and heal from it.

As such, we seek pieces that are intersectional in nature — that…


Did I get your attention? That’s a start. By actually taking the time to read this piece, you’re taking the first step. I just finished watching the Netflix documentary, . It took a while because I knew it would be triggering so I waited to watch with a friend and made sure to do so during the daytime, while the sun was out, so it wouldn’t be too triggering. I’m not sure it helped minimize my trauma reaction, but it was helpful to be able to process it right away and help center our conversation on prevention…

Teri Yuan

Unapologetic intersectional feminist survivor. Twitter: @engenderedpod @engenderedcol; Instagram/FB: @engenderedpodcast @engenderedcollective

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